View Full Version : I am - Confessions to Jesus (Martinez) of the Day

  1. I don't really get how to use this
  2. Forums for blogs are for stupid sex perverts.
  3. Is it wrong for me to crave pussy?
  4. Jesus- Make your forums more friendly!
  5. I need a towel and a hotpocket
  6. No hard feelings?
  7. Dear Jesus: Can we get a forum for general discussion?
  8. You CockBlocker!
  9. What's up with the fox news lady showing her boobs?
  10. Why do you hide your identity?
  11. Jesus, what do you hate most about posters in the forums?
  12. I think I'm an addict
  13. I must confess my 3 way
  14. How can I help?
  15. Am i stupid?
  16. Are you Gay Jesus?
  17. DSF Steplinks
  18. Send Me Your Confessions
  19. Photo submissions?