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part two, of what I sent to my friends, or other members of akatsuki some time last year. i won't rewrite because i don't care about this story any more, at least i do, but it is far too disturbing;

Haven't proof red it, I think its fine for a first draft.

With hands covered in Blood, Stephen wolff wanted to do nothing more than to clean the red from them. He imagined himself a wolf as he eviscerated the unfortunate shit just across the highway. He would have said unfortunate lady but was insulted when she pooped fecal matter and not flowers. And to add insult to injury, her poop came out with loads of acrid smelling blood. Spoiling his masturbatory fantasy. Silly cunt. No matter, the diner may have a water tap behind it which he could use to clean himself up with. Yes it did and Stephen cleaned his hands and removed his bloody shirt then buttoned up his coat. Spotless once again. As he made his way to the front of the establishment, his mother's voice ever true told him that he'd find the right woman, who not only shat flowers, but farted the sweetest fragrance. "Yes Mummy, we will find her, who knows, she may be right inside this building." Stephen was beaming with confidence as he went through the door.

The diner had several tables, some near the windows but most just in the center of the building just beyond the door. Stephen chose one near the bathroom and sat down. He didn't have to wait long for a waitress.
"What will you be having there sir?" She had a New England accent.
"Well what do you have?" Stephen responded with as much charm as he could muster.
"The special is to die for." Came a voice from behind. Stephen spun about and noticed a rather beautiful looking black woman eating what appeared to be a medium rare steak fries and a large coke. Funny, thought Stephen, I didn't notice her
there. He smiled and nodded.
"I'll have what she's having ma'am." The waitress nods and goes towards the kitchen. Stephen gets up and approaches the lady's table.
"Mind If I join you Ms....?"
"Meddy Usa." She smiles and Stephen hears mother's voice deep inside; 'I like this niggres.'
"I'm Stephen, Stephen Wolff." The black lady smiled even more and her eyes went nervously down to her steak.
Stephen wanted her badly. Just then, the waitress arrived with Stephen's food. As he ate the reddish steak and sipped his icy coke, Meddy chewed silently only glancing up every so often then quickly back to her food. Stephen wanted to take her in to the restroom quickly and check her out. But with three other patrons, the waitress, and the unseen cooking crew, he may have a problem with his intent. The only way to get her to the bathroom is to get her turned on. She was wearing jeans, something that offended Stephen but that would mean nothing if she was the one. If she wasn't, Stephen promised himself that he would shove those pants up her ass before opening her up. She swallowed the last of her soda and burped. Stephen looked at her suspiciously when he thought he smelt cinnamon.
"Excuse me, I'm so sorry Stephen." Stephen thought for a moment, 'cinnamon?'
"Its okay Meddy. Only if you finish the deal and release a real wet one."
"Uh?" Meddy seemed confused.
"I mean I'll only excuse your behavior earlier if you complete the transaction with a nice fart."
"Won't that creep you out, I mean you're eating and everything."
"We can always go in there." Said Stephen pointing towards the loo. Meddy laughed.
"O gross wait till you finish eating." Stephen laughed and quickly chewed his food. After finishing Stephen made his way into the toilet. He wasn't in there long before Meddy walked in. She was laughing hysterically.
"O my god Stephen, this is so crazy." Stephen didn't think so, since Meddy's very life depended on the next few minutes.
"Okay Meddy, let it rip." Stephen had to kill that shit across the way there, since she made him run through all those prickly bushes and almost escaped, nearly spoiling everything. But Meddy was hip to his game and wanted to be a part of his nuance. Stephen's Mummy held him down from a small child and would fart on his head repeatedly screaming that if any woman smelt like this, she wasn't worthy of his love. Stephen found this troubling and wouldn't look at a girl until he asked her if she pooped flowers. Must girls found him to be weird and avoided him, but one of them Isabel, actually wanted to get to know him. That was until Stephen's mom found out about it and Stephen was never the same there after. Stephen was called to the bathroom which had broke down and Isabel apologizing quickly left after leaving a deuce in the browny bowl. Stephen's Mum reached into the bowl pulling out the deuces and shoved it into Stephen's pants ordering him to slide the mick with the poo. When Stephen resisted she cattle the wild boar herself. Now twenty years later. Stephen had finally found the one who would take his virginity with her place of flowers. 'Or so we would hope Stevey.' Recanted his mother.
"O gosh Stephen I usually do it alot when I'm near cumming."
"You what?" Stephen panics. He has never had sex with a girl before nor has he ever masturbated one to climax.
"Come on Stevey get started." Stephen eyes wells up.
"I uh. I've never."
"Never?" Meddy seemed surprised.
"No. I mean I wanted to." Mother quipped; 'Stop your bawling boy, she knows how to quible her own nibble.'
"Watch me, okay." Stephen nods and Meddy removes her pants. Behind laced undies Stevey notices her wonderful portion. He had never seen one, and wanted to desperately touch it. Mother's voice told him to be still but Stevey began to move closer and closer to her joy. Flowers or not, he wanted to, mother's voice boomed through his consciousness: 'You ungrateful bastard, she could be like the others, keep your mind clear and your body will follow. Think of that piece shit across the way there.' Mother's accusation like tone brought Stephen back to his senses. Stephen gave Meddy's love another sniff and was sure he smelt cinnamon as she removed her slightly wet undies. Stephen watched some what horrified, partially mystified as Meddy's fingers made her body tremble and her mouth quiver. Such power from such a small act, it almost seemed unnatural. Mother completed his thought: 'Only if flowers don't come out, then I want your biggest knife up that piece which makes her quiver so.' Meddy started to sweat profusely and the smell of cinnamon grew. Until finally, liquid poured from Meddy's skene glands and a loud fart followed. Stephen tensed up gripping his knife in his coat, but then, the smell of cinnamon engulfed the room.
"Cinnamon?" Meddy looked at Stephen and wept. Stephen with a bemused smile looked at Meddy with a puzzled expression forming on his face.
"I'm a freak Stevey, my bowels has some sort of condition that in this body, cinnamon comes out." Stephen weighs the revelation of this. Not flowers, but cinnamon.
"what happens when you crap?"
"That's the worse part, its hard and reeks of cinnamon." Mother seemed satisfied: 'O Fuck it, Stephen she's wonderful, beside one needs dirt for flowers, not bowels. Cinnamon is a lot better than poo gas any day. She's the one boy, she's the one.' Stephen hugs Meddy and places her wet fingers in his mouth.
"I love you Meddy, you're the one I've waited for and I promise to be with you forever. You've saved me." 'To late for the previous thirty two victims of Stephen, but better late than never.' Thought mother. The waitress came into the rest room, then quickly excused herself. Meddy called her back in and shared the exciting news.
"Titania, he's the one. He's the one." The waitress smiled.
"Thats wonderful Medusa. Congratulations. All the best" Mother flashed a warning to Stephen but then fell mysteriously silent. Stephen since mother's death could never make her shut up but now, she wasn't there.
"Don't worry Stevey, its just us. Your mother will only get in the way of our blending." Stephen's eyes went wide with fear. Something was amiss. The Wolff became a pup and wanted to be done with all of this. The room about him went dark and Stephen instinctively went for his dagger and grabbed Meddy. But as he grabbed her body, which went oddly limp, Stevey noticed an acrid smell which far surpassed the poop mess that cunt across the way farted into being. But as his feet began to make sucking sounds as if he stood in muck, Stevey with no other recourse said in a squeaky voice:
"Hello?" Instead of a response came a thunderous roar. In the near blackness a thick noxious vapor attacked Stevey's nose. Bile vomit stale blood combined with the worst smelling poop, could not make a smell worse than that which accosted Stevey. Lights appeared all about him suddenly and Stevey the pup wished they'd stayed out. Countless miles of quivering flesh like appendages, surrounded by lakes of what smelt like bile and puss, with wart looking bubbles forming and exploding sticky filth was every where. The ground filled with billions of wriggling maggot like creatures moved and enclosed around Stephen. Lifting him high into the air. The body suit like form of Meddy fell from his hand and landed like discarded clothes.
"O please no, What is this. No. NOOO!" A voice which sounded like a thousand farts belched from deep within the living planet through an orifice which resembled a gargantuan butthole.
"YOU PROMISED BABY. NOW AND EVER WE'LL BE TOGETHER. I WANNA BABY STEVEY, GIVE ME A BABY." The huge mass of flesh which held him high moved him towards a portion of living flesh the size of a football field which resembled Meddy's joy.
"No Meddy, not that, it smells so. Mama! Mama! Its going to get me Mama!" The mound of flesh opened like a flower petal revealing an inside filled with oozing yellow white curds of cheese shaking like jello in anticipation.
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What a wonderful piece I wrote previously, so much potential.

Though completely disturbing, much like DSF;

My good friend and I created it, he the character, me the story. Too Rein the conqueror, a much more brilliant writer than i'll ever be.

The raze stone similar to dilithium crystals but unlike dilithium, the raze stone has a duplication lattice. Depending upon the user of the raze stone, the stone mimics the traits of whom ever used it. The raze stoneʼs greatest user was Nivek. His level of power was greater than any previous to him, except for Chaos, Chaos was by far the greatest of them all and the jewel held great power after he used it. Following his depature, Nivek took the jewel and his powers were greatly increased., though beings existed far greater than he. After his demise, centuries passed, and the raze stone was forgotten. Until an Alchemist sensed its aura and sought its power. Not knowing the ways of the stone, the Alchemist was weakened by it and his life force and power was drained away by it. Lord Bash, the brawler of the eight kingdoms happened upon the dead alchemist and in the corpses hand he found the raze stone. Sensing its violence. Bash sundered the jewel to his mace. Bash once back on his ship was returning home with his men when their vessel was attacked by a sea serpent. The creature attacked the moorings crippling the ship but Bash incited by his violent spirit and the raze stone attacked the savage beast. Eventually the creature destroyed the ship and Bash now enraged in the rapid boiling sea became raze. Raze fell upon the massive beast and ripped its entrails from its body.

Many adventures became his, but in time Raze faced his most deadly foe, the Archtype.

\\ Damian here is the piece the absolution infinity redo. I'll now add another six paragraphs to hopefully recapture what was lost with the other redo of bash.

On the Euroasian steppes far before the time of the Khans lived a nomadic tribe of Warriors. The harsh conditions made every day a survival and hardened the nature of these nomads. But, what would make a tribe of Norseman flee thousands of miles from their homes in the north? Thor, god of thunder. Thor's people had the ability to see into the future, and theysaw that one among this norse tribe would not only defeat Thor, but take from him his mighty hammer, mjoiner. Thor instantly fell upon them, slaughtering most of the tribesman. Though the Norseman fought bravely, they were utterly defeated by a being whose arm possesed more power than all of them combined. Thus they left their land and sailed south, hoping to escape Thor's malice. Though Thor wasn't permitted to leave the nothern lands, he summoned a massive storm which sunk seven of the eight vessels. The survivors of the lone vessel fleed inland till they found a mass of land stretching countless miles in all directions and seemed void of all life. And of the thirty people that arrived their, sixteen was dead by the first month. The surviors had no choice but to feed on the bodies of the dead. Hardened and enraged, their nature changed. Decades later, a band of warriors, three thousand of them, found the tribesman tracked the tribesman and tried to make them pay tribute to a warlord on the bordering nation. The norseman numbered two hundred, but, this was more than enough and they easily bested the band of warriors. The survivors who didn't die, watched in horror as the norseman chopped up the bodies of their dead country man and jerked their meat with fires. The survivors were four hundred men, and though they out numbered the vikings, they stood in horror at the larger than life men and women, who cannibalsitic nature was as decisive as any arrow or club. One of the hulking men, who stood near eight feet came towards them and urinated on the face of one of the prisoners. The man looked up at the hulking behemoth and pleaded for his life. The man held the prisoners head back and spat in his face. Ten men among the prisoners attacked him. Biting spitting and striking the giant about the body with stones, they attempted to bring him down. The man that had gotten pissed on watched in horror as the giant grabbed one man and shoved his thumb deep into the man's eye killing him. Another guy he pulled by and arm and broke it in three places. As the guy with the broken arm feel to the ground, it became apparent, he was the lucky one of the surviving eight. The others suffered serious attacks which varied descriptions can only be called horrible. One got his bottom jaw ripped off, another's entrials were pulled out by the giant's hand. One who tried to flee was grabbed from behind between his legs and lifted into the air, as his balls fell through his garments, the giants grabbed them and ripped them off. As another guy saw this he attempted to run but was quickly grabbed by the giant who bit off his nose and then ripped out his throat. The giant took his axe and chased the others down, hacking them to pieces. He returned to the guy who had gotten pissed on and pushed him to the ground. The giant called to his daughter and had her place her hand down into her throat, she vomitted all over the humilated man. The other men were dismissed to relate to their supperiors what they had seen, and the unfortunate man stayed behind. Covered in mess, he was soiled on by the entire tribe. One of the norseman walked up to him and forcibly removed his lower garments, the priosner knew instantly what was to befall him and fell into a rage, though he was no match for the larger norseman, he was determined to die than to be violated in this way. And with that the norseman left him alone. The man was six feet tall, though no where near the height of the much more taller norseman who attempted to rape him, he none the less rose to his highest stature and challenged all of them. The red bearded giant approached him and the man suspecting death didn't flinch. The large man laughed and his daughter brought a flask, made of human flesh which was filled with water, and proceeded to wash the prisoner clean.
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The man that had had his balls forcibly removed was still alive. And the giant took him over to a raging fire. Heating the kilin till it glowed, he through the man on it who began to thrash violently. The giant held his boot on the man's chest as he was slowly roasted alive. The giant looked at the former prisoner who looked back at him, with cold dead eyes. The tribes children had been moved through the night by the leader's daughter and another girl. Following them were a few of the younger teen norseman. The older ones stayed behind. As the prisoner stood amongst them, the giant finished consuming one of the former prisoner's country men. The prisoner stood before him and looked into his eyes for a reason for all this, insanity. The norseman showed him a black stone and told him to hold it. The man understood and took the stone into his hands. It was essentially a memory stone, which was only activated when the owner of it was about to die. In the distance a storm approached. As it grew closer and closer, the former prisoner was able to see objects falling from it. It was his escaped country men. The storm seemed unnatural, almost alive, and thus it was. For at its center stood what seemed to be a man levitating in mid air. In his hand he held a hammer and upon the norseman, he exacted a heavy bane. The stranger watched as the norseman franctically fell upon the god, then, they fell to the earth defeated. The giant man who destroyed so many of his kind, fell upon the god and was able to momentarily jar the powerful being with blows from his fist. But only momentarily. The god used his hammer and smashed the giant till all that remained was a mass of quivering flesh. The stranger mind was flooded with knowledge and images, he knew what stood before him and why he was chosen. The norseman was being tracked due to their blood line, and the father of the tribe, the tall man,hoped that the inclusion of another blood line would null the god's ability to follow them. His daughter was intended to be his wife and in time, their blood lines would cross with the other children. The stones of the parents were already given to children so, that the memories of all would be passed on forever.

As the new leader made his way towards the younger ones, in the distance the storm receeded, signaling that all those behind him, was no more. Finding his new wife building a fire for the younger ones, he pulled her away from the fire pit and lifted up her gown, she looked up at him and recognized the eyes of knowing. He plunged into her with such speed and verocity one would imagine he would be done quickly. But, he lasted the entire life of the fire before him, which had died and become embers before he felt a rush of strength leave his body. He collapsed into his wife's arms sobbing. The others watched intently and he rose addressing them. Speaking in their norse speech, he told them that the old ways would have to end, and they would have to rely upon other food sources than the canabilistic practices of their parents.

Early the next day, he came upon one of the older boys having his way with a girl of union(relatively young but old enough to have children). And told the others that as soon as a girl saw her nature, and the boys could produce seed, they would be paired so the tribe could be rebuilt. On the plains, he found various smaller animals which he brought back to their camp and proceeded to prepare. Even though there wasn't much to eat, he found such a large number of smaller animals, that once properly prepared, every one was well fed. Using their waste and the remnants of their family members remains. He processed the ground until they could grow modest crops. Seeds of wheat and barley was stuck to his clothing and the clothing of his dead country men, and with this, they made a new start. Though fires made of waste had to be lit constantly around the crops to keep them alive in the cold temperatures, they always came to season. As did the six babies born in the first year. His wife was only two weeks away from giving birth and attempted to get pregnant by his hands again. As she rode him to climax, she urged him to try his hand with some of the other girls, since there was only twelve boys and thirty six girls, and of the twelve boys, only eight was producing seed. Of the six children born, two were girls which brought the total number of females to 39, including his wife. One of his wife's half sisters had flowing red hair and hazel eyes came forward. She had seen her nature for three years now. She though untouched, understood the need to become a mighty tribe, and allowed the stranger,who carried the memories of her father and all the fathers before him, to sully her nature. A year later, the stranger's wife had produced a girl whence before she had a boy, and her sister, produced twins, both of them boys.
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Within eight years, the former fifty clansman had become well over a hundred and the stranger who was no longer such, had forty three children. As his oldest boy stood before him, the stranger saw that the boy was alot like his granddad, already he was six feet tall, and was producing seed. Inquiring of his other memory he was shocked to realize that the girl who was his wife was only fourteen when he sullyed her nature, and that her father was only twenty six, which means he was twelve when he had her. His son informed him that he was going to stay with a woman who had produced several children with Erelik, since Erelik already had two other mates beside her whom he loved more, she wanted a mate of her own. Though she use to play with Eric when he was a much younger boy, Eric wanted her to continue as his close companion. Looking to Higya, his wife the stranger, Nemec had no reservations and gave his son his blessings. Hiya felt the kick of her unborn baby and got up so her husband could feel it. Nemec layed on his back and urged Higya to place her maker upon his face. As he loving nibbled on her places, her sister Hedera, lifted her gown and rode upon the steeple of Nemec. After a time, all three felt a release.

Eric looked at Fedora as she played with her child. She knew Eric was behind her and wanted him to make his statement and consumate their joinning. Eric felt the welling of members growing into will and quickly slid his part deep within her portion. As the walls of the maker massaged the ender, Eric wept from the joyous sensation.
Fedora felt the tears upon her back and moved her hips to meet Eric's push. As she did, she felt the unmistakeable warmth filling her body. Eric quickly apologized and swore he wouldn't remove his bits until she felt her release, though he attempted, five minutes later, his shriveling member was exhausted, as was he, and he fell to the ground. Fedora kissed him on the lips and layed next to him as he fell asleep. From the union of Fedora and Eric came Bash. Bash who would win victory for his clansman against Thor.

By age two Bash had grown a fondness for a very large rock, which he tossed about hoping to hit his much bigger tribesman in the head with. They all thought it amusing except for his mother, who saw the thirst in her son's eyes for glory greater than himself. Eric now twelve, passionately loved Fedora who was twelve years older than he. He relied on her for direction especially when dealing with their son Bash. She asked Eric to give Bash no concessions, not allowing him to enjoy his childhood, but to engage a life style, far beyond his years. They wouldn't have to wait long for such an opportunity to present itself. The warlord whom Nemec once followed had fallen onto hard times, and had to flee for his life through the euroasian steppes. With him, he carried his family and some of his supporters. Having made many enemies, the warlord had to give away all his wealth to ensure passage for his small band. They only carried some life stock wheat barley and weaponry. After several weeks, they had exhausted almost all of their provisions and was near starving when they happened upon a norseman patrol. They were made to stay whilst Erelik returned to the camp and approached Nemec. Showing Nemec a piece of clothing belonging to the exiles, Nemec called for twelve and a half more mighty men and quickly followed on horses. Once they arrived, the former warlord, Sanu, quickly embraced Nemec. Nemec looked at the man with a dull coldness, but then smiled in an attempt to seem friendly. Erelik saw the look in Nemec's eyes and remarked to himself, how much he looked like their former leader, the giant Basher. Sanu said of how happy he was that one of his men had taken over the impressively sized foreigners. Sanu looked to his concubine and son, and told his son that it was hope yet for him to be a warlord, but of giants. In a flicker Nemec drove his sword through Sanu's throat nearly decapitating him. Erelik saw the dull distance in his eyes, it was the will of the Basher. Bash jumped off his father's horse and approached the gurgling man who was spitting up the last of life. Bash looked into his eyes and giggled when the man began to wink
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Bash found a new playmate among the exiles. An eighteen year old boy who had been the son of Sanu. Though not Sanu's only son since the dead warlord had dozens. But rather the only child who had not died at the hands of Sanu's enemies. The boy only survived due to his soft nature. He fainted often, wept always--- and begged for his life when one of the assassins wanted to end his life--- and was known to play with girls. And not in an attempt to hide deeper seek. As Sanu laid on the ground dying, Sani, Sanu's son, lept from his horse and rushed to Sanu. Crying and holding his father, Sani cursed the barbarians in his native tongue, though none among them save Nemec understood him. Sani stood up suddenly running a few steps away and vomited. Bash looked at him with a puzzle look and went to the sword in Sanu's throat. Bash fought for the better part of five minutes while Sani just behind him continued to vomit and weep. Everyone watched the young Basher intently including the former concubine of Sanu who was the mother of Sani. After much effort, Bash freed the sword from Sanu's throat and then looked even more puzzled when Sanu's head fell away. Holding the sword for a time, Bash decided to give Sani his father's head. Eric watched with a bemused smile on his face as Bash tried to get a proper grip on the head, then after a few attempts. Easily tossed it just before Sani, in the midst of his bile filled groul. Sani fainted and all the tribesman exploded in laughter. Nemec and Eric looked at Bash and felt a great sense of pride. Deep within the awakened memories in Nemec's mind, Braur, the parafamilia of Basher the giant's bloodline, lamented that Bash would be the one to defeat the god of thunder.

Later that evening, Sani sat next to a fire trembling and Bash walked towards him offering him a piece of bread. Sani looked at the young boy and felt the child's longing to be his friend. Sani took the bread and nodded. Though distraught, Sani tried to be civilized. His father knew little of diplomacy or how to assauge the savage beast. Sani though, witnessed animals, when faced with their superiors, would often place their face to the ground and prostrate themselves signifying submission. Bash had the aura of the most savage of creatures as well did his clansman, and Sani realized that to survive, he would have to submit. Nemec walked over to Bash and picked up the little one. "Hello grandson." Said Nemec in his native tongue. Sani looked up at him and tears welled in his eyes. Sani almost hissed the words towards the killer of his father: "My Lord why did you betray us?" Nemec smiled and hugged Bash who was trying to shove his little finger up his grandfather's nose. "I did it Sani, for this child." Sani seemed puzzled. "Don't let your heart be troubled. Bash will save all of us one day, and for this, your father had to die. Here, all will be explained eventually." He handed Sani a black marble stone. Sani took the stone and placed it in his pouch. Something felt different when he held the stone, different about himself. He felt distant, almost with drawn from what was happening, as if all before was a dream and this moment and all consecutive moments following, were his true waking moments.
Calling to Nemec he thanked him for the stone. Nemec briefly spun about with Bash on his shoulders and smiled.
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Usually I'd say WIN, but no, that's not fair, none the less,

I present another piece of fiction

A quiet suburban neighborhood, a man and his Lady is
playing basketball in the drive way of their garage.
the woman is wearing a short white pants and matching shirt noticeably damp
with perspiration and the guy is wearing long sport
pants and sneakers. The woman is bare footed and her
burgundy polished toes glittering in the sun. She's
sweating profusely as is the man, and the man after
throwing the ball through the hoops proclaims he will
take his bath first. Though being the proper gentleman,
he recedes and decides to allow his lady friend to be
the first the bathe. The woman declines, and says she
instead will put away the hoop and the ball inside of
the garage. Reaching into her pocket, she pulls out a
little device and presses a button which causes the
garage door to go up. The man offers to assist in
removing the hoop but again his lady friend insist he
takes his bath. Once in the house, the man removes his
soaked clothing and places them into the washing
machine. standing naked in the laundry room, he notices
his penis growing in size. The man was once over weight
and at one point had weighed three hundred and fifty
pounds, though six feet, he found this size to be
languid and nasty and tried hard to lose the weight.
For several years he tried to return to his ideal weight
when he was much younger but gave up all hope, that was
until he met his lady friend. Who promised him that for
every pound he lost, she'd blow his mind sexually.
Although she had a few extra pounds herself, the man
felt her size was perfect and begged her not to lose any
weight. Though she still lost several pounds due to the
diet the both enjoyed; steamed vegetables and tuna
salads. This they ate for several weeks, while his lady
love continually promised him to lose as much weight as
he could. Two remain non sexual, they slept in
different rooms and she wore no revealing clothing
around him at all, even when she left the shower, she
opted to wear her dirty clothes than to simply use a
towel. The man did his part by doing weight training
exercises in the hope that he could turn some of that
blubber into lean muscle. As they ate dinner one
evening, his lady had gas due to all the vegetables
they'd eaten and began to fart uncontrollably. She felt
embarresed and tried to apologize, but to her amazement,
the man approached her and knelt to his knees,

"Allow me please to sniff your vagina." She was
surprised at first but smiled a thought coming to her.
You want to smell me vagina after I farted?" She
"Not really," he corrected, "It's because we've been
together for far too long and I need to just touch a
part of you, to keep your taste in my mouth."
"Didn't we agree no funny business until you lost
enough weight?"
"Please, I just want a taste, a small taste, please."
The man sounded desperate and lady herself wanted to
feel his hunger against her flesh.
"I promise you darling, it will be when you've lost
enough weight to be considered healthy." She assured
him and with that, they waited five more weeks. Though
those five weeks felt like forever for both of them, and
they both insisted that no masturbation would be done in
that time, to be sure of this, they decided to sleep in
the same bed and to take baths together, and was barely
inseparable that entire time. The man thought this
torture, and several time would fall apart from self
pity, though he was reluctantly to share his anguish,
he finally did, admitting his carnal desires, which he
found almost unbearable to control. And at this, he
wrote poems to his lady friend and dreamed of her touch,
her pleasure, her sex. Night and day for the entire
five weeks, until, his weight goal and their eventual
coitus became inevitable. Unable to hid his joy, he
found himself to weigh seventy pounds less than his
previous weight, a whopping two hundred eighty and his
lady friend sought to reward him for all his hard work.
But, she had a set condition, that they play ball first.
He though incapable of playing as well as she, still
preformed beautifully and she said that the one who made
their last shot, would get to bath first. The man did
so, so as to properly prepare himself and their bed for
the wonderful union soon to occur.
Now watching his manhood growing he quickly made his
way up the stairs to their bedroom and opening the door
he placed a rather large bath mat onto the bed, and
removed all the scented lubricants from the night stand.
His lady had removed the basketball hoop and placed it
and the ladder she used, back into the garage. Going to
the front door, she made her way up stairs and towards
the shower, instead of the laundry room as he had done
earlier. The lady as she made her way up the steps
could make out the distinctive funky smell of her body
in particularly the damp soggy feeling emanating from
her underwear.
"You finish yet lover?" She called ahead and made her
way through the bedroom door, hoping to turn the man
away from the thought of making love to her when she
would refuse to bathe, seeing as how even she felt
awkward about the soiled aroma. The room was darkly lit
save the candles in the bathroom, and she was about to
say to him of how she wanted to take a nap before
bathing but was unprepared for his powerful arms
sweeping her up and places her gently on the bed. "Not
now baby, I'm so dirty, how about later? I'll bathe and
then we could have some fun." She looked into his eyes
hoping to see repulsion mingled with disappointment, but
instead, all she found was longing love sprinkled with
lust. She knew almost instantly that even in her
present state, this man saw not a dirty person, but a
body of a goddess he wanted to know intimately. "Wait
baby, I'm still filthy, you can't do it now, can you?"
She was a bit intimidated, was this man actually a fiend
capable of any or everything as long as he got his
pleasure? But his well placed kiss on her exposed belly
assuaged her fears. It was so tenderly place, it felt as
if she was a new born baby, and this man a careful
father, kissing the abdomen of his greatest gift.
"Please let me love you," he pleaded and she couldn't
help but feel sorry for him. For month's they'd courted
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Expletive has a spectacular auraExpletive has a spectacular auraExpletive has a spectacular auraExpletive has a spectacular aura

and in that time, she refused to allow him a taste or
even a sexual courtesy, any other man would have left,
but this man, remained for some reason, though she
couldn't understand why, she knew enough to know that he
could be trusted, and that he loved her dearly. Her
former lover was nothing like this man; the former had
only interest in his own pleasure and would poke her for
an hour or more hoping to get off and in turn gave her a
n orgasm and sleep away. When he periods happened, her
ex would complain about the smell and didn't try to hide
his disgust of the irregular sometimes lumpy bleeding.
And only touched her when he while watching porn, wanted
to get off in a way only actual sex could provide, but
afterwards he would through the towel they used away
with extra iciness. But this new man not only bought
her tampons but would take them down stairs and dump
them every day, whether she needed her tampon bin to be
emptied or not. And on her spotted irregular days, he
would change the sheets so when she came home, she
wouldn?t have to be bothered with that bit of cover up.
Or how for several weeks now, she'd allowed him to clean
her joy whenever they bathed together. This man was
nothing like the others, nothing like them at all,
though timid, she finally surrounded and allowed him the
task of love.
"Go ahead, but I'm so dirty down there baby." She
tried finally to steer him away from loving her under
such conditions especially when she felt a pang of
conscience reminding her of how unfair she'd been with
all of these near unattainable rules. But with so much
loving concern and need painted on his otherwise curious
face, how could she deny him? With the methodical
precise movements of a surgeon, he peeled away her damp
shorts, her flesh starts to feel goose bump inducing
cool as the air touches the damper areas around her mid
section. The air about them became laden with musky
smells which made the woman even more uncomfortable but
the man swooned as if he sat before a sumptuous
"Thank you so much,? He assured her and proceeded to
remove her underwear. Oblivious to the supposed unclean
conditions of her beautiful 'V', the man continued his
wonderment of her hidden place. Though he tried to
remain professional about the whole affair and pretend
as if he'd seen a vagina in such an intimate condition
before, he unfortunately fell into the newbie's trance
and watched it for a time, followed by a tear which fell
from his eye, elated, he hugged her about the waist.
It was as if he told her that he was a virgin, she
almost immediately became endeared to the former
stranger who she now loved unequivocably. Not only had he
offered her dignity of her intimate place by not
insisting on touching her, but he'd also given her the
innocence of his flesh, to do so as she wished.
"No baby, I should be thanking you," She corrected him
and rubbed the top of his head which rested just above
her naval. And with that, he unfolded his arms from
just beneath her buttocks and gently parted her legs to
better view her beauty. Such spirals of time and shapes
of reasons had drawn men time and time again to this
most precious of things, that which sailed a thousand
ships and became the through path of many a nation, for
its glory or detriment, by hook or by crook, all would
be said and did for a moment, which though usually
fleeting, the Surveyor would take his time, to enjoy the
feeling of it, and uncover any mysteries it hid. She
watched his eyes and saw the intent in them, his stare
was burdened with want like a pregnant creature over
burdened with many suckling. Thinking of pregnant
things made the lady want to interject and pronounce
that she hadn't taken any form of birth control, but to
spoil this most perfect of moments, would be not only
foolish but unforgivable, regardless of its eventuality.
She tenderly spreads her legs and the complete damp
musky smell felled the room, but to her lover, it only
heightened his joy. Looking up at her with may I in his
eyes, she pushed his head into her sweetness confirming
her affirmation, and laid back to enjoy what would be a
first of a great many things.
Unable to speak or classify the feeling of his tongue
sliding up and down the corners on each side of her sex,
she trembled with anticipation for his inevitable move
into her more sensated areas. The room, though cool
started feeling warmer and warmer and lady pulled her
damp shirt which had only been lifted to expose her
midsection completely over her head. Her exposed breast
become more and more sensitized, her nipples firm and
full. She'd enjoyed having her sex mouthed by several,
men and women, though she tried her best to cover her
sexual antics, she doubted that he would even care about
such things. He was caught up in a whirlwind, which he
couldn't fathom or control, she felt his love and want
which wouldn't judge nor demand answers for anything
beyond this moment. And with that, she allowed herself
to feel. As he placed the tip of his tongue just above
her clitoral hood, she remembered as a child when she'd
ride those vibrating animals at the mall, and realized
that it wasn't some mechanical machine which made her
tremble so, but her very own muscles, they moved as if
independent of any mental directions she would have
given. Noises escaped her lips and serenaded the quiet
with gasps and sobs and half shrieks. This was
different, more purposeful than any she'd previously
felt, until finally she felt an explosion of heat and
sensation; her bladder which should have been emptied,
now felt full and released something which felt like a
pented pressure but ten times more enjoyable. She felt
her rectal ring tremble as trapped gases also escaped as
she lost all control over every thing held back
previously. Wave after wave washed over her body and
her legs clamped onto lovers head holding him there,
oblivious for a time of the overwhelming smells and
assailants which he would have felt face first. It was
only after a few moments when the need to pass out had
subsided that she realized his tongue still touching her
clitoris which felt extra sensitive and relayed that bit
of information which finally made its way to her brain,
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and once more she felt a shudder pass through her. She
wanted him to stop, it was too much for her to feel, so
delicate and extra sensitized, much like a finger
touching an eyeball, but at the same time, it felt
wonderful and fulfilling, and seemingly sensing her
want, her lover continued as the sensations overwhelmed
her, causing lady to faint.
She awoke with the room in darkness and she was
wearing nothing but a sheet that had been placed around
her. She sniffed her body and realized that she smelt
cleaned. He had done this, this wonderful person that
had come into her life. Her body felt numb and unusual,
though she clearly understood why, she had had not just
one orgasm, but several, more than she'd ever had at any
one time. No doubt several factors had contributed to
it, and as always she'd use her analytical mind to find
similar factors and comparisons to understand how it
must have happened. But she realized she was being
selfish, that man who now laid beside her snoring
lightly, had given her a wonderful gift and she hadn't
returned the favor. As his head sought to please her
earlier, she'd been concerned about getting pregnant and
losing her single and free lifestyle. She hadn't
considered that he might be the man for her; the one to
settle down with and start a family. But being who she
was, she compared other such relationships and the many
children came into the equation, sex lives became near
non existent and at times this placed a un reparable
strain on the relationship. It happened with several of
her friends. Mattie, 29 had three children and a loving
husband, who did the laundry and the dishes while his
wife was at work. He was an accountant and worked on
job by job basis, for usually no more than four hours a
day, which gave him several more hours which he
maintained the household, which Mattie couldn't do since
she worked nine hours a day and when she got home was
usually far too tired to do much of anything. She was
so tired, she usually didn't feel like being bothered
with her children, who rarely if ever bothered her since
her husband always had their dinner ready and would help
them with their homework by the time Mattie come home
shortly after seven every evening. Though her husband
loved her and sex with her as often as the little ones
permitted, this was becoming more few and far between
than regular since, the youngest, a three year old girl,
had such horrible nightmares that she'd run in the room
screaming for her daddy, and being the father he was,
he'd quickly separate from Mattie and embrace his
frightened daughter. Mattie found this precious but
equally maddening and thus she started cheating on her
husband, at first with former college sweet heart who
was going through a terrible divorce but then finally
with a mutual friend of both her and Lady. Lady had
already known of the bisexual leanings of Mattie since
in College they'd fooled around, but their other mutual
friend, though bisexual had more female partners than
men. Laura and Mattie met up usually at lunch and
eventually they became more bold, having sex at Laura's
apartment which she shared with her partner April, and
even once in Mattie?s home. After a sordid rump about,
Laura bored popped in a few family videos and watched
Mattie?s husband Steven, taking care of the kids and
telling his wife who was recording the video how much he
loved her, Laura saw what Mattie couldn't appreciate and
wanted Steven for herself. Laura had later told Lady
that Mattie was so caught up in what she didn't have
that she couldn?t fully appreciate what she did; a
husband who did the role most women found themselves
trapped in and still longed to be with his wife every
evening. Lady sought Mattie to warn her to stay with
her family and fix things at home and thus she
confronted Laura for sharing their private business with
others. April had found out about the daily excursions
of Laura and wanted nothing more to do with her, thus
Mattie thought that April may be a better suited lover.
Lady told Laura to just walk away from it all but Laura
instead hired an investigator and took secret photos of
Mattie and April together and gave them to Steven, she
then openly confessed her dealings in the entire affair
hoping that Steven would notice her instead of Mattie.
But being the husband he was, he tried for weeks to get
his wife to break off her other affairs and to remain
faithful to him. Eventually Mattie grew to hate him as
she had already hated her former friend Laura and asked
for a divorce. Steven reluctantly agreed and he wanted
to keep sole custody of the kids. Mattie was a lawyer
and one of her good friends demanded that Mattie become
a parent on grounds that she was the mother and her and
April would better be suited to raise the three
children. The judge didn't agree but demanded that
Steven find some one to help support him and his house
hold since Mattie helped paid most of the bills. Laura
worked for a fortune five hundred company and secretly
met with Steven and agreed to marry him, Steve agreed
and they both presented their marriage certificate to
the courts. Mattie?s lawyer claimed that all of this
was done so that Laura could get Steven but the judge
demanded to know how it is Laura fooled Mattie into
cheating on her husband, and voted in favor of the newly
wedded couple. That was two years ago, and Laura now
have beautiful twin girls to add to the family of three
Steven had with Mattie, and they're doing well. Mattie
had broken off her relationship with April who had
gotten pregnant with a former fling of hers and decided
to marry him when he proposed. Mattie now alone had
briefly slept with lady but only did so begrudgingly and
there was no love in her touch, so Lady decided it best
for them to separate and remain friends, though they got
together from time to time, this became less frequent
and eventually Mattie moved away to another state and
didn't keep in contact. Lady had such a colorful history
herself, in and out of relationships. Though Mattie
wasn't the only sexual partner Lady had, she was by far
the most generous in the cunnilings department.
Something most of her male partners previously frowned
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upon, though it was seemingly only the partners she had
been with since, Laura claimed this was Steven's
strongest ability, which proved that Mattie walked away
from her family because she was no longer the center of
attention. This was also the reason why Lady didn't
want to maintain a relationship with Mattie; her need
and desire to be the center of attention was selfish, so
any thing she did was only done to make her partners
admire her and want to keep her their focal point, and
not because she genuinely cared about the person she was
Lady had seen enough misspent opportunities to allow
this man who adored her to get away. He was a freelance
writer and was hoping to publish a book he was working
on. Though Lady was a journalist and had published
several pieces which were nominated for the Pulitzer
prize, she still admired his languid attempts at
impressing her, even if it wasn't up to par. His
manhood peeked through the open front of his boxers and
climbed slightly revealing his sexual excitement he must
be having in a dream. Too long Lady made him wait, and
when she should have offered him her body, she selfishly
fell asleep from the sensations. Many lovers did the
same and she would complain and cuss them out once they
awoke, but, she now fully understood what they felt.
But even as she slept, her lover had cleaned her body
and oiled her flesh with a sweet smelling perfumed oil.
She had to do this, everything within her demanded it.
She pulled his boxers down to his ankles and through
the garment onto the floor slowly parting his legs, she
placed her face just above his slowly growing member and
carefully placed it within her mouth. Automatically it
began to grow even more so, throbbing as it did, filling
with blood in an attempt to feel even more of her warm
mouth. Her lover moaned softly and she began to tease
the mushroom head about with her tongue and teeth. Just
enough teasing to cause a sensory eruption.
"What," he said with a start his powerful hands
glancing over her head and lightly touching it. He was
gasping now, and moaning ever increasingly. "O thank
you." He exclaimed, saying 'oooh' instead of 'you'.
She allowed her back teeth to scrape lightly along the
glands and his hips rose into the air lifting her off of
the bed. She giggled at seeing the power she held over
him, and briefly stopped her movements to tease him, he
gasped loudly, "Please baby don't stop, pluh, please."
She continued again, and stopped every so often, feeling
his body shake and tremble in anticipation she knew he
was ready. In one incredibly quick motion, she
straddled him and holding onto his shoulder with her
left hand, she placed his trembling shaft with her other
hand into her warm embrace. As he felt the sliding
warmth, his eyes welled up with tears. She kissed his
nose and looked into his eyes.
"How does it feel lover." She asked, and he opened
his mouth to respond but said nothing. His mouth closed
and he became a washed in sensation and held onto her for
dear life. Such raw power which could have crushed her
in an instant if he so wished, and she became afraid
that he might lose control over his ability to control
all that raw power. As if sensing her fear he let her
go and laid back on the bed, and she looked up to the
ceiling and moved up and down rhythmically. She was
taking the virginity of a man who loved her dearly, and
she wanted nothing more than to be with him forever.
She understood what Mattie wanted and feared that if she
had a child, she would have the exact problem of sharing
his attention with others, even if those others were her
children. But, she wouldn't allow that to get in the
way of this moment, and she vividly remembered the
feeling of his tongue against her clitoris and how it
overwhelmed her very consciousness. Salivating, she felt
something warm and hot emitting from her belly and
realized she was having another orgasm. Her sex gripped
his manhood ever so tightly and the sensory overload
caused him to come forward and hold her as his member
prepared to release his seed deep within her, but, due
to her orgasm, the grip of her sex squeezed his member
shut, and he overwhelmed with the sensations of it all
cried out. Lady felt the throbbing member shake
violently within her and it unwittingly lashed against
her g-spot causing her to curse and grip his back with
her sharp fingernails digging into his flesh. After a
time, she felt her grip loosen, and finally, the warmth of
liquid rushing into her. Her lover fell back on the
bed, exhausted and unconscious, Lady laid on his
chest and fell fast asleep.
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