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Old 12-16-2009, 02:17 PM

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Global ** DSF Credits System, Reputation System and other new functions of the forum **

This is just a global thread. You can't respond or ask questions in this thread

The entire Credits System thread with Q & A is HERE

The DSF Credits System

A lot of you had questions about it. I will answer whatever i can here, just ask.

There will also be a list at the bottom of things you get credits for, although i will not reveal the amounts that i have configured for each item

First off, i will tell you that i wanted to add the credits system to give me another tool (other than post count) to measure each DSFer's contributions and to encourage positive activity. I also found out that it will work nicely with the Arcade system (which we are still trying to get set up properly) and the store that Jesus has set up.

For the time being, the credits will only be a number. There is nowhere to spend them just yet... that will change soon. Jesus has set up the Drunkensweatshop which will have the DSF merch and we also hope to have the arcade functioning soon. The arcade is badass. It has flash games and keeps track of high scores and shit. You can even set-up tournaments for DSFers and there are a million games that you can add (but let's not get ahead of ourselves ).

Okay... so what do you earn points for? Here's a partial list with a few explanations.

Credit Awards (partial list)
  • Induction Credit
  • Referral Credit
  • Activity Credit (you get a set number of credits every so often as long as you are an active, posting member)
  • Birthday Credit - Applied at midnight on the birthday of each user.
  • New Thread Credit
  • Posting Credit - Applied for all valid posts, except when creating a new thread or replying to your own thread
  • Your Thread Posting Credit - Applied for all valid posts made in a thread which they originally created (this will obviously be lower than the regular Posting Credit)
  • Your Thread Viewed Credit - Applied to the thread owner when their thread is viewed (does not count when thread owner views his/her own thread)
  • Thread Rated Credit - Thread creator gets points when thread gets a rating vote
  • Your Thread Replied Credit - Applied to the thread owner when their thread is posted in
  • Your Profile Viewed Credit
  • Poll Created Credit
  • Poll Voted Credit
  • Profile Picture Credit - Applied when a profile picture is added
  • Profile Fields Credit - Applied when the user has enough custom profile fields filled out

The rest i don't want to reveal for fear of noobs trying to game the system.

There are positive and negative multipliers for these so each point category can be influenced by other factors. Non-avatar members score points a little bit slower than avatard DSF'ers.

Any member that has credits can donate credits to any other member for whatever reason they want. The Recipient will get an automated message from Satan666 telling them who sent the donation, how much it was, and what the donor's message was.

Donations are encouraged in order to give thanks to others.

That's all i can think of right now. Any questions? Fire away!

Recent Changes
(i will add them here as i change things)
  • 12-16-09 -- Lowered the PM credit from -2 to -1 for all members
  • 12-16-09 -- Doubled the birthday credit for avatards to reward longevity
  • 1-21-10 -- I changed the banking settings to reflect each user's TOTAL credits, whereas it used to just reflect your checking credits. It now will combine your checking and savings as your total. Each is still separate, it is only combined to reflect your total net worth.
  • 1-23-10 -- Disabled all Award Negation Multipliers
  • 1-23-10 -- Added Paycheck bonus for all users

DSF Lottery

We are trying out a lottery system. You will be awarded credits. I might make it a weekly drawing if the response to it is good.

Highlight BB Code

I have installed a custom BB code. Highlight code is enabled by either using the bright yellow button with an H in it or you can type out [h] [/h] (with the highlighted text inbetween the [h] tags.

The result will look like this: Test Test

Reputation System

User Reputation

The Basics

User reputation points allow you to reward others for their posts or threads.

As each user's reputation points increase, the reputation meter adds pips. The pips change color as the bar increases. Along with the color changes you will notice that after certain rep point milestones are past, the title will change.

Hover over the reputation meter with your cursor to read the current title.

How To Award Rep Points
If you want to award another DSF'er rep points for a particular post find the scales icon in the upper right corner of the post to "give them rep".

Click the icon and a dialogue box will pop up. Make sure to leave a comment so the person knows why he/she is being awarded the points.

User Control Panel
Go to your User Control Panel (USER CP) to view:
  • latest rep comments and awards
  • current rep point total
  • who awarded you rep points
  • which of your posts received rep points

Within the Post
By clicking the scales icon on any of your posts you can view:
  • your current rep point total
  • any comments on that post

Reputation vs. Rep Power
While your reputation is made up of the opinion of others, your REP POWER is completely different.

Your Rep Power is based on different variables like: how long you have been a member, your total post count, your own Reputation, etc. Generally, those who have been a member of the forum longer and have been actively participating will have a higher Rep Power compared to a n00b.

A DSF'er with higher Rep Power is awarding more rep points each time he/she gives rep points to another. That is meant to reflect the "weight" or "value" of his/her opinion being greater than that of, say, a new member. A brand new member will have very few posts, little if any reputation, and no user history so when he/she gives rep it will be 1 point. Conversely, a long time DSF'er with many posts, a higher reputation total, and has been a member for a longer time could be awarding anywhere from 5-8 or more points each time rep is given.

Some Things You Should Know
  • There is a limit to the amount of rep you can give in a 24 hr period -- when you reach the limit the system will tell you.

  • There is a "User Spread" which means you must distribute rep to a certain number of users before you can award the same person again.

  • Admins are able to award Negative Rep to users. I will Neg Rep users for:
    • Posting violations: Banned file hosts, banned image hosts, not coding links, etc.
    • Posting racist comments or images
    • Talk of politics or religion

So just get in the User CP and look around. Get used to the Rep system. Make sure to start giving rep to others to encourage good posts and good behavior... and most of all have fun with it!


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