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I had a long term sexual relationship with a married woman. Here's how i found out she was married.

(TLDR at the bottom if you dont want to read my novel)

Was out at a club. She was there with a friend. Friend went home but she stayed. I noticed her, noticed her friend leave too. Eventually struck up a convo with her. Cracked some jokes. We laughed and had fun. She was hot, a little older she looked to be about 30-32. BANGIN body. Club's closing and i told her my friend was having people over did she want to come over? *My freind always had small parties on the weekend so i was 90% sure i wasnt telling a lie but thought fuck it, if there's no party at least her and i will be out together and we'll find something to get into* She agrees. We are both fairly drunk. We leave and go to my friends for about an hour.

She wants to come to my apt but i told her some lie about why we couldnt - dont remember what it was - so she says we can go to her place. I'm driving her and she directs me to this high rise of 'loft' style condos. Really expensive shit. We walk in the front, past the doorman who knows her. She says hi, he gives me a strange look.

Elevator takes us up to one of the upper floors. The inside of her place is amazing. 2 floor 'loft' apt with a staircase in the middle and a huge deck and windows from the floor to the ceiling which is 25 feet up. Viking fridge and all that expensive shit. Place had to cost close to a mil. Didnt want to ask what she did for a living for fear of spoiling the mood.

Door shuts. We are all over each other. Clothes come off. We are fucking like rabbits. She asks if i want to do some E cuz she has some. Fuckin A yes. We rolled till probly 7 or 8 am. Fucked a couple more times during the night while we watched movies off and on. We finally pass out.

We wake up. Its around 1 or 2pm. I tell her i have to go. She said she would walk me out.

As i'm walking down the stairs i see all the pictures in frames on the wall. Her and some guy. Lots of pics. Pics i didnt see when we came in at night time. I ask her who the guy is.

She says 'My husband'.

WTFWTFWTF???! Huh? I said 'YOUR MARRIED?'. She holds up her hand with a wedding ring on it. I told her 'hey i never look at girls hands cuz at the places i go to theres never any married people there'. She said 'i never took my ring off, i cant believe you didnt see it'.

My mind is racing. i'm thinking of the door guy 1st off. She says she sells him weed he wont say anything. So we sit down so i can ask some questions. Sounds dumb but i am freaked out so i want answers.

She tells me that her husband is some CFO and he is out of town over 20 days out of each month. Their marriage is loveless. She barely sees him at all. I ask if she's done this before. She says no. I believe her. She says she knows he sleeps around but she looks the other way. Men have needs. Ultimately she is sad and lonely albeit rich but she's still lonely. She if forthcoming and honest with all details.

Stunned i go home to process.

We start to go out together a lot. I always stay at her place cuz her husband is literally never home and her place is fucking posh. I got over the husband thing pretty quick. I could see that she was doing the dutiful wife thing and was miserable. Shes a good woman.

We were together for a little over a year. We frequently told each other 'i love you'. I miss her to this day.

We split up cuz her husbands company shit canned a bunch of the execs and he was going to be in town now, all the time. He started his own tax prep company and was never out of town again. There was no way we could keep seeing each other. I hope that him being in town brought them back closer together.

I just want her to be happy.

TLDR - I met a hot chick. We fucked. I found out she was married. We talked it out. She was trapped in a miserable marriage with her husband sleeping with other women. Her and i had a 14 month relationship. We broke up. We never got caught.
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