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  1. What book are you reading right now?
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  3. DAE -- What is it?
  4. DAE Hate it when someone leaves cooking time left on the microwave
  5. DAE have strange sleeping habits?!
  6. IAE Sick of Hearing About the Fucking iPad?!
  7. DAE think that a lot of guys who wear "TapouT" shirts look dumb?
  8. DAE Think This Section of the Forum Will Most Likely FAIL?
  9. DAE hate when they go into a restroom and see someone not wash their hands?
  10. DAE think MEGADOUCHE is fucking AMAZING?
  11. HAE farted in the shower...
  12. DAE hate when neighbors won't take down their holiday decorations?
  13. HAE Looked at the clock and said i'm gonna be late...
  14. HAE Found the ModelMayhem site
  15. DAE still masturbate to Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Pics?
  16. HAE seen naked pics of people they know online?
  17. HAE dated anyone famous?
  18. IAE Diabetic and having or had trouble controlling their diabetes
  19. DAE think they're really fucked up, only to come on DSF and realize you're normal
  20. DAE eat sunflower seeds whole?
  21. DAE (guys) moisturize and do skin care?
  22. DAE hate it when Justin Beiber comes over...
  23. DAE think that the...
  24. DAE have chronic pain therapies that work?
  25. HAE done anything really creepy?
  26. HAE, in all seriousness, actually tried to move objects with your mind?
  28. HAE been denied the right to donate blood?
  29. DAE Want Anonymous Thunderdome?
  30. HAE quit smoking?
  31. DAE know what they would do if they Found some money?
  32. DAE start reading an interesting article...
  33. HAE figured out What and Why Not?
  34. DAE do this when intalling a new app?
  35. DAE want a midget as a friend
  36. DAE have friends that don't know when to shut the fuck up?
  37. DAE wife/GF over react when she catches you looking at porn
  38. DAE own a Silcon Graphics workstation?
  39. DAE, just spam '0' when they call customer support and have to talk to a machine?
  40. DEA have any strange habits after having the sex?
  41. DAE buy the same underwear or socks all the time?
  42. HAE had a molar pulled?
  43. DAE have computer problems while DSF wasn't working right?
  44. kerplunk!!
  45. DAE Have a hard time giving a fuck anymore?
  46. DAE hate it when you are at the grocery store...
  47. DAE have sex with girls?
  48. *As Seen On TV*
  49. Star Wars>>>>>>nerd moment
  50. IAE getting sleepy?
  51. DAE Still Come into this section?
  52. DAE Need Advice?
  53. Ok....but I never knew this....
  54. DAE have sex with roadkill?
  55. Subscription Sites
  56. HAE been in an "open" relationship
  57. DAE make up insults/swears
  58. DAE have any secret fears?
  59. DAE wonder when they will legalize weed?
  61. What was your best childhood scam?
  62. DAE hate going to wedding receptions?
  63. Even I don't understand my humor sometimes.
  64. DAE - Have Their Car Rat Out Your Jack Off Habits
  65. Charles "I'm a whiney twat" Grodin