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  1. have you ever tried a magnum?
  2. blow job help?
  3. The Sex Talk Forum
  4. Is Eating Cheating?
  5. Girls: Do you enjoy the taste...
  6. Anal Survey for men and women
  7. if you think MAYBE even maybe you might be getting some
  8. pussy: how do you like it?
  9. Give me the description of your ultimate sexual scenerio?
  10. is phone sex cheating?
  11. Dicks... How do you like them?
  12. I have a question for you guys.
  13. Slut?
  14. Cumming into your mouth without warning
  15. Guys, what's your favorite way to finish?
  16. Clit Piercing
  17. when you fuck a guy for the first time...
  18. Ever meet up for anonymous sex?
  19. Does anybody else like rim jobs?
  20. 3 somes
  21. Ever been awakened/awakened someone with cunnilingus?
  22. Ever masturbated with....?
  23. Do women want to watch a man suck a...
  24. Trade off for anal sex
  25. Stalkers
  26. How hot or how distant does a relative have to be............
  27. Was I out of line????
  28. Do you like small tits?
  29. Do you like a squirter?
  30. Do you like sucking toes? or having them sucked?
  31. Does ethnicity play a part?
  32. How much do you masturbate?
  33. Ladies, Have you ever chased a guy because you thought he was well hung?
  34. Any one ever had sex at work?
  35. Have u ever watched or had someone watch you have sex????
  36. How do you eat your pussy?
  37. Have you ever?
  38. wierd fetishes post em here
  39. What's Your Limit?
  40. 1 in 4 US teens has a STD
  41. Back Dimples
  42. How often do u watch porn?
  43. Fellas...mulltiple orgasms
  44. Body type
  45. What if...
  46. Underwear! What's Your Preference?
  47. Hair pulling - A Turn on?
  48. how do you like your ass
  49. Ladies, Underwear what's your preference?
  50. Mr. Floppy
  51. Anal Masturbation Habit
  52. Help me please!
  53. For girls: Have you ever watched a guy masturbate?
  54. Lets talk about fuck buddies
  55. The Best Sex??
  56. I really need some advice about blowjobs!!
  57. Guys: Shave?
  58. Does anybody find dreads sexy on a girl?
  59. Have you actually had sex with a teacher or boss?
  60. Male nudity
  61. Guys..when you piss in public
  62. Facials??
  63. Girls - Anal Stimulation??
  64. My Boyfriend is Ignoring Me && i Need Dick
  65. What is the sluttiest thing you have ever done?
  66. When did you 1st start watching porn?
  67. Transexual sex - would you? 2 part question
  68. Preggo?
  69. College sex advice
  70. Girls only: a blowjob technique that makes men cum instantly
  71. things you won't do sexually
  72. Time to Fess Up:: How Many Folks Have You Slept With?
  73. __New Sub-Forum__
  74. am i too tight for my boyfriend?
  75. Question for the ladies about cameltoes
  76. Bj video/ pics help please
  77. Facials
  78. how to enlarge your penis
  79. Have You Ever Broke Up With Someone Cause of Bad Sex?
  80. Squirting
  81. whats the most interesting place you have had sex?
  82. 1st orgasm?
  83. Anal
  84. Wing Man: Taking One For The Team
  85. Last time/how often you have sex?
  86. My First Gang Bang <3
  87. Work Masturbation
  88. Shitty Vegetarian Lovers and Other Deal-breakers for Guys...
  89. Friends with Benefits Question
  90. I am very drunk, so obviously I want to talk about fetishes
  91. newbie here gotta question
  92. Girls, I need advice. Guys, you can help too.
  93. virgin question here
  94. Pda?
  95. What do you think is regular?
  96. Phone Sex Operators
  97. Calling the Hulk: 3SOM NEEDED
  98. what is up with Japanese porn stars
  99. Truth or Dare
  100. virginity
  101. Ass full of cum, now what?
  102. A little head
  103. Tell me how you like it
  104. Fucked Up Terminology
  105. Best sex you've ever had
  106. Fisting
  107. not sex....FUCKING
  108. Long pussy lips
  109. Television needs your help
  110. Strange Ejeculations
  111. Eight Bad Reasons To Have Sex
  112. What's something you've always wanted to try?
  113. Girls and Sexual terms
  114. Masterbation question - befor or after you pee
  115. ok i have a question for girls about anal
  116. For the ladies...Getting your ass licked while getting oral...Yes? or No?
  117. Asian,white, black or latina?
  118. How long have you abstained from masturbation?
  119. How Often have you cheated?
  120. Best tits in the world!
  121. Circumcized or not? does it matter?
  122. Oh no he didn't!
  123. Fave Position and why?
  124. question for the ladys
  125. fucking music
  126. Cunnilingus with mint - will a girl like it?
  127. How far will you go on the first date?
  128. Have you ever molested a passed out drunk?
  129. Sex Map
  130. What is the kinkest thing you ever did?
  131. Study: Fellatio may significantly decrease the risk of breast cancer in women
  132. Tits or Ass
  133. Consequences of Masturbation
  134. All My Girls: Tips On Swallowing Please??
  135. Spanked?
  136. No Sexual Contact
  137. Sexsomnia - A real sleep disorder
  138. Orgasm Poll
  139. Advice - Current Girlfriend or Stripper ex hook-up
  140. To lick or not to lick
  141. How long has it been since you had sex?
  142. Things that piss me off about porn.
  143. big areolae
  144. Discussion: Defloration Videos
  145. Desperate In Sahara
  146. What's so wrong about a blowjob among co-workers?
  147. She says pull out and.....
  148. Do you fuck the old lady when she's on the rag?
  149. Poll: Ladies and gangbangs
  150. Another social site - 7 inches or better
  151. how long do you wait for a chick to get over another guy before you try to fuck her?
  152. ASSfucking - Guidelines for Anyone Thinking About Shoving Anything Up the ASS
  153. Quite possible the weirdest books ever published
  154. Watching Porn with Wife?
  155. Describe your first sexual experience
  156. Whatever happened to the first time sex thread??
  157. Would you like a vagina you can truly call your own???
  158. "Big Brother" Turkey Ploy
  159. Female Orgasm: Something in the Way She Moves
  160. to all the ladies, where do you want him to finish
  161. DSF Deviant Dictionary
  162. What's the grossest/nastiest thing that's happened to you in a sexual encount
  163. Banged A Prostitute?
  164. Kissing - A Non-Gay Thread
  165. What does this make me?
  166. Anal Sex in Accordance with God's Will
  167. Question About Japanese Sex
  168. Amateur vs. Professional: The Labeling Dilemma
  169. How Many Different Partners Have You Been With In One Day?
  170. *Anonymous Posting and Thread Creation has been enabled in this Forum*
  171. Million Dollar question for married men
  172. ITT: Anonymous Confessions to DSF
  173. How secretive are you about masturbation
  174. Random Sex Thoughts
  175. In which trunk would you dunk...?
  176. Ever Find Nudes Of Someone You Know?
  177. Pick a Jewel to Buff
  178. Eating creampies
  179. question
  180. Man's 'failure' (girls answer please)
  181. post what you learned the hard way about the opposite sex
  182. What wud you do to fuck these ladies
  183. Wont go downtown?
  184. What is the most public place you have fapped in?
  185. Who would you rather.....
  186. Sex toys from an online store.Suggestions?
  187. Quoting A Porn Star
  188. public erections
  189. The asshole...what is your take?
  190. How old is too old...
  191. Strip Poker
  192. How should I
  193. Hindsight is...
  194. Incest anyone?
  195. Sex tourism
  196. Sexual Highlights
  197. Tila Tequila did it again! New porn video!!!
  198. NSFW Farrah Abraham has a new sex tape!
  199. Anti Gay Squad in Sochi verifies no Gay spectators enters to the athlete performances
  200. Marilyn Monroe has a threeway sex tape?
  201. Tanlines.......mmmmmmm.
  202. So Busted! For the first time.
  203. Something my Ex did.
  204. Women are fucking crazy.
  205. HOT Merry Christmas Thread (NSFW)
  206. So I got this weird bump on my junk...