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06-17-2017 until 07-18-2027

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Your 2017 Approved Image Host List

The ONLY allowed imagehosts: updated for 2017.
Use any non-approved pic host (by intention or by chance) - > trashcan.
Use them continuously -> ban. Period.

This forum has seen many a picture host come and go, and hell, weve been banned by many of them as well! Which at least in my mind, we wear as a badge of honor.

Unforutunately the time has come again when we will be losing the two most popular hosts of forums everywhere, imgbox & imagebam, which is going to be about 3-4 years worth of content.

Weve been here before, well probably be here again, but now we will have more choices than ever before.

Im still testing other hosts as well, and Im willing to take your suggestions. Just message me.

Without further ado, introducing our 2017 Approved Image Host List!

Note: obviously and are ok to use.

1. PixHost -
- Seems to be the new popular host by other forums.
- Only provides thumbnail pics, good for galleries.
- Batch, single pic and url uploading.
- Supported formats: gif, png, jpg.
- Maximum image size is 10 MB.

2. ImageTitan -
- NO Porn Content Allowed
- No Hotlink Option - max.filesize 15,MB
- Was already on our list.
- Single pic uploading onlyl
- Supported formats: gif, jpg, jpeg, png.

3. PimpAndHost-
- Thumbnails only, but can choose quite large at 750px.
- Batch & URL uploading.
- File types allowed: GIF, JPG, BMP
- GIF I tested played live, if chose bigger thumb than picture.
- Maximum Image Upload size: 5MB

4. ShareNXS -
- Batch & URL uploading
- Posts as thumbs only, good for galleries.
- File types not established, but gifs did not look right after being posted.
- Maximum size says unlimited.

5. ImageVenue -
- Batch & single pic uploading.
- Posts as thumbs only, good for galleries.
- Has a picture resizer.
- Will delete your image if not accessed for more than 1 year.
- Often drops a pic or two from a batch upload.
- File types not established, but no gifs.
- File size limit is 3.0MB.

6. -
- Single pic & url uploading.
- Full size picture host.
- Has a picture resizer.
- File types jpg, jpeg, gif, png, bmp, tif, tiff, wbmp, ico, svg, svgz, psd, and xcf.
- File size limit is 16MB.

7. ImgBB -
- Batch uploading.
- Both fullsize & thumbnails.
- File types not established, but my gif played live with the thumbnail result code and not the fullsize code.
- Files up to 16MB

8. Post Image- & Pixxxels- (sister site)
- Full size & thumbnails, really large ones available at 1200px.
- Batch, single pic & url uploading.
- File types not established, but gifs play with the fullsize "hotlink" code.
- Maximum Image Upload size: 16MB

9. DumpPix -
- Thumbnails only, but decent medium sized.
- Batch & single pic uploading.
- Has a "Random Pic" option like TOGIH used to have.
- File types allowed: .JPEG, .JPG, .GIF, and .PNG.ICO, .JPG, .JPEG, .ICO, and .PNG
- Maximum Image Upload size: 10.861MB

10. ImgMax -
- Thumbnails only, but decent medium sized.
- Batch uploading.
- Full size and thumbnails.
- Has a "Random Pic" option like TOGIH used to have.
- File types allowed: JPG PNG BMP GIF
- Maximum Image Upload size: 10MB

Gone, but not forgotten. RIP:
Our forever beloved host, That Old Gal's Image Host often referred to as TOGIH.

This was the only host we needed and has left a hole in my heart. Has also been the subject of controversy on reddit and a podcast.
1. That Old Gal's Image Host -
- Porn Content Allowed
- Hotlink Option - max.filesize 7MB

2. MadamMeowPics -

I created this site to be a replacement for TOGIH when it fell. This site isnt really dead, but good luck uploading anything with this lag. I basically got ripped off by the software creator.
- Porn Content Allowed
- Hotlink Option - max.filesize 20MB
(After uploading, hit "BB Code" button and use the BB Code, not the HTML code!)

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